Be inspired by different designs, shapes and colours to emphasise your personality and underline your individual style. Whether you are looking for sparkling stud earrings, elegant hoop earrings or eye-catching statement earrings with pendants, you will find the perfect pair here.

Earrings are a particularly popular item of jewellery as they can be worn for any occasion, making them a wonderful gift idea for a special friend or beloved one.


Discreet or lavish – earrings are more present than any other item of jewellery. They come in all decorative shapes and sizes, making eyes sparkle and faces shine. Whether straightforward and understated or playful and extravagant, earrings are versatile all-rounders.

No matter which style you choose, earrings give every look an individual touch. Discover our large selection of impressive earrings in countless shapes and colours, made of different materials, wide and narrow, short and long, with glittering crystals, shimmering beads, colourful boho-style tassels and crafted into unique pieces of jewellery.


LIZAS earring collection offers stunning designs for every moment. These include stud earrings, the classic among earrings and the most popular type of earring of all. They suit almost every style and can be worn for any occasion, as a discreetly sparkling accent or as
an eye-catching centrepiece. Elegant hoop earrings are also a must in any jewellery box. Whether small or large, narrow or wide, simple or eye-catching, hoops are available in every conceivable variation – what they all have in common is their beautiful curved and round shape.
Our dangling earrings, in contrast, are charming companions that you can wear for life’s big and small occasions, whether for a business lunch, a romantic candlelit dinner or the next wedding reception.


LIZAS unique statement earrings add an exciting wow factor to any look. Statement earrings are opulent and particularly eye-catching dangling earrings as well as stud earrings. We have statement earrings in all imaginable shapes, colours and variations. Mixes of materials and colours often come into play, creating vibrant and fascinating statement earrings.
The special thing about these creations is that they can be worn for elegant occasions, but they are also ideal for everyday wear as they give any outfit a lift. We particularly love the interplay of impressive shapes and magnificent colours.