No other piece of jewellery has as much symbolic power as a ring, which is far more than just a piece of jewellery – rings are symbols of love, connection and precious, unforgettable moments. Each ring tells a unique story and carries a profound meaning.

Let yourself be enchanted by our selection, because with us rings are not just decorative accessories, but an expression of your personality and emotions. Wear a symbol of love and uniqueness or make a fashion statement with our stylish rings.


A ring for every occasion! Discover stunning ring designs from LIZAS. For those who love a touch of extravagance, our glamorous rings in eye-catching shapes and colours are a real statement. Or make hearts beat faster with emotional rings in a heart design. Set fine accents with our filigree models featuring delicate sparkling crystals.

Our tip: combine several rings on one finger or across the hand; a mix of graceful rings and eye-catching statement pieces is particularly pretty.


Choose your favourite combination from a variety of shades. Gold, silver and rose gold are the elegant basic colours of our models. Whether set with a crystal in glamorous green, radiant blue or sparkling pink, no wish remains unfulfilled and adds the perfect touch to your outfit.

Our collection includes bright trendy colours as well as classic colours that you can combine beautifully with all other jewellery from LIZAS.


For a ring to perfectly emphasise your personality, it must fit well. The best way to determine the right ring size is with a ring that fits you well and our ring size guide. The circumference of the fingers often changes due to the effects of heat or cold. If you notice big differences here, you will find beautiful open band rings in our current collection, which adapt to your finger in every situation and thus ensure an optimum fit.

Our ring size guide will help you to easily find the right size for your new favourite piece of jewellery. Click here for the right ring size...