The right bracelet for every outfit? Yes, it’s possible – with the basics from LIZAS! Our colourful bracelets made of wonderfully sparkling, faceted glass beads in different sizes and combinations are the perfect basics for your jewellery collection.

LIZAS Essentials are available in every colour imaginable to perfectly finish off every look. Combining several different bracelets is particularly attractive and trendy. Discover the versatility and elegance of LIZAS Essentials!


Experience the playful joy of colour with LIZAS Essentials and choose the perfect addition to your outfit from a variety of colour hues.

Bright blue lends freshness to delicate summer looks, warm gold tones add elegant accents to evening dresses, while bright pink is always an exciting eye-catcher.
Our range includes easy-to-match basic colours as well as fashionable accents, so you can fall in love with stylish new colour trends every season.
With our basics, mixing and matching is fun and ensures a new look every time. Whether worn individually as a highlight or combined as a statement – our basics are the perfect companions for fascinating days and exciting nights. With LIZAS Essentials, your style will be as unique as you are!


Discover the unique variety of LIZAS Essentials – elastic basic bracelets for maximum comfort, featuring a variety of different beads.

Our collection comprises various series, each available in a wide range of colours: immerse yourself in the world of Nashville, Knoxville, Clarksville, Beaumont, Fineville, Hanson, Rochester, Clairsville, Livingston, Brookville and Huntsville. Each series is presented with differently designed beads in different sizes to express your personal style. Our Essentials ranges are not only timeless, but also continuously available. This means you can add to your favourite series time and again or experiment with new colours.